Replacement Parts

We take pride in the products we manufacture and sell today as well as the products we’ve sold since 1980–many of which are still in service today.

With proper servicing and maintenance, these products have demonstrated the same rugged reliability that we build into our products today.

We carry replacement parts for the HRV brands listed below that have been built in either Saskatoon, Saskatchewan or here at our factory in Burnaby.

vanEE® Model R200
vanEE® Model 1000
vanEE® Model 2000
vanEE® Model 2000Plus

ENEREADY™ vanEE® Model 1000
ENEREADY™ vanEE® Model 2000
ENEREADY™ vanEE® Model 2000Plus

ENEREADY™ Model 1000
ENEREADY™ Model 2000

vanEE® Model 7000
ENEREADY™ vanEE® Model 7000
ENEREADY™ Model 7000

vanEE® Model 7000 Special
ENEREADY™ vanEE® Model 7000 Special
ENEREADY™ Model 7000 Special

Parts Lists (PDF)

Service Parts Common to Saskatoon built vanEE, ENEREADY vanEE AND ENEREADY Models 1000, 2000 & 2000+.

VanEE, ENEREADY vanEE and ENEREADY Model 1000 Replacement Parts

VanEE, ENEREADY vanEE and ENEREADY Model 2000 Replacement Parts

VanEE, ENEREADY vanEE and ENEREADY Model 7000 Replacement Parts


Electrical Parts

Oilable Fan Motors – See Fasco Model 7190-2492 
Blower Wheels
Fan Housings
Fan Assemblies
Defrost Damper Motors

40VA Transformers
24V Relay
Speed Resistor Kits
In-line Fuse Holder

Door Safety Power Switch
3 Position Rocker Switch

20 Minute Electronic Timer Box
12 Volt Over-ride Switch
24 Volt Over-ride Switch

Grilles, Difusers and Fittings

4” Right Angle albo®
4” Ø speedi-sleeve®
5” Ø speedi-sleeve®
6” Ø speedi-sleeve®
4/5 speedi-sleeve® with increaser

FYNER™ Filter Cabinet

Particle Filters (16 x 20 x 4; 16 x 20 x 1)
Carbon Filters (16 x 20 x 1; carbon bits)

Other Parts

Filters (standard; pleat for 2000)
Drain Kit Parts
Core Tracks
Door Foam Kits
Hanging Strap