Refresh Service

ENEREADY Products offers ‘Refresh’ Services for our products.

We refresh component parts or the entire ENEREADY Models 1000, 2000, 2000+ or 7000 units and those HRVs labelled:  ENEREADY van EE  and vanEE when manufactured in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We also Refresh “whisper” POWER Grilles.

Factory ‘Refreshing’ an HRV includes thorough cleaning, new motors (or tested and re-oiled), control components, filters where needed, fan housings, wheels, core, drain pans and fittings. We offer either 1 year to 5 year warranty depending on work performed. You decide on the work done.

Refreshing the HRV (or components) is an excellent practical choice to :

1) retain the original quiet, reliable, service friendly and still supported HRV.
2) avoid the complication of changing the duct system to accommodate different collar locations of a replacement unit.
3) avoid control compatibility problems
4) avoid changeout when only one or two components of the original system needs extensive work.