The key to all ventilation, especially residential ventilation, is to effectively exchange the air in a dwelling unit while using the very lowest ventilation rate possible. A good duct system and on-demand control go a long way to achieving this goal and hence the least heat is lost through the ventilation system.

Our consulting services

  1. A review of your ventilation duct layout to determine its suitability for a PoshTime® and ‘whisper’ POWER Grille upgrade;
  2. A layout of a simple HVAC system for an indoor swimming pool sized up to 22 x 44 square feet, a hot tub up to 99 square feet, a swim spa or an endless pool;
  3. David Hill is available to speak to engineers, architects and builder groups on current ventilation requirements and what it takes to install quiet, effective systems.
  4. David Hill is available to help trouble-shoot problems of excessive moisture in residential buildings.

Indoor Pool HVAC

Indoor Pool