Residential Central Exhaust Ventilators (CEV’s)

Residential Central Exhaust Ventilators

ENEREADY™ Central Exhaust Ventilation Systems (CEV’s) are particularly suited to certain types of homes:

• System C
designed for forced air heated homes

• System I and AERECO
designed for non-forced air heated homes in a moderate climate: small detached homes, one or two-level condos/townhomes, and with a ‘warm’ or no chimney

Although they have no heat recovery, these systems replace the majority of random house air leakage with focused air change.

Stale air exhausts from the kitchen and bathrooms and an equal amount of outdoor air is delivered to bedrooms, living, dining room and family room.

ENEREADY™ central exhaust fans with balanced fresh air have a lower capital cost than HRV’s but with no, or only a slightly higher, operating cost.

As with heat recovery ventilators, a CEV works best when all ductwork is properly sized and sealed and the system runs continuously.

The benefitts of ENEREADY™ CEV’s:

  • generally easy to retrofit
  • the fan can fit in a small space near the kitchen and/or bathrooms
  • do not greatly increase house air leakage
  • have a lower capital cost than an HRV
  • exhaust air can be zoned using ‘whisper’ POWER Grilles and PoshTime® controls (System C and System I)
  • exhaust and supply air can be modulated depending on indoor humidity (AERECO)