All equipment needs maintenance, even that built using the best quality components. Eneready stocks replacement parts for all equipment and controls which we’ve sold since 1985, including all residential vanEE® HRV’s manufactured between 1985 and 1997 by Conservation Energy Systems (CES) of Saskatchewan. In addition, we carry replacement motors, wheels, housings, fan assemblies, filters and defrost damper motors for the light commercial Models 700 and 7000 manufactured by CES.

With simple preventative maintenance this equipment will provide many years of quiet reliable service, but will require regular but very simple care.  Eneready Products Ltd. believes in maintenance and stocks a large range of service parts to help keep that equipment running as new. Whether you are a ‘tech-freaked’ home-owner or service savvy trouble-shooter we can help you out. Please have your equipment’s serial number handy, sometimes a photo of the problem equipment or equipment components can help us.

Please contact us for more information.