Fyner Filter

The FYNER™ Filter

. . . a particularly fine filter upgrade for your HRV

FYNER Filter

Many people are satisfied with the equipment protection filters that are factory installed inside their Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV).

For some people, however, better filtration of incoming air is not only desirable but essential to their everyday health.

The FYNER™ Filter is a sealed cabinet that snugly holds up to two filters: a particle filter, a particle filter with an odour control filter, or a particle filter with a pre-filter.

Consider a FYNER™ FILTER when your HRV fresh air is independently ducted to the bedrooms and living areas of your home.

Consider an HRV with a FYNER™ Filter to improve the quality of air in your home, particularly if a family member is sensitive to outdoor air pollutants.

…Versatile …

  • the cabinet holds one or two filters
  • the tracks hold standard size filters: one 16″x 20″x 4″ and one 16″x 20″x 1″
  • three easement collar sizes are available: 6″, 8″ or 12″Ø
  • can be oriented vertically or horizontally on a wall or ceiling

. . . Solidly built . . .

  • made with 22 gauge satin coated steel with a powder coated finish
  • hinged door has a snap-tight clasp
  • includes all mounting hardware

. . . Unique in the industry . . .

  • ‘spring tight’ tracks and closed cell foam hold filters snugly in place without bypass
  • with an HRV, needs no boost fan so uses little additional energy

Select from a range of filters . . .

Particle Filters capture tiny particles such as micron sized dust. The Chart above shows the size of various particles. Human hair is about 50 -100 microns(μ) in diameter. A 10μ particle is at the big end of the lung damaging size range and is only visible in favourable light.

Particle filters are often rated with a MERV* number: the higher the MERV, the better the removal efficiency. A filter’s MERV number is the average of its efficiencies in capturing 12 different 0.3 – 10μ sized particles.The Chart shows the removal efficiencies of three MERV rated filters:

MERV 8, MERV 13, MERV 15

Determine the smallest particle you wish to capture and select the filter based on its removal efficiency of that size.

* ASHRAE Standard 52.2 “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value”

Odour Control Filters are usually made with activated carbon, the most common adsorbent for air purification. One pound contains over 6.5 million sq.ft. of adsorptive surface.

Odours attach themselves (adsorb) to this extended surface area and, as a result, the carbon gradually increases in weight.

When carbon is saturated (~20% weight gain), odours will pass through the filter into the building providing the best indicator that the carbon needs replacing.

Use a MERV 8 particle filter upstream to protect the carbon from becoming surface loaded with dust.

Select a light duty (1.3 lbs. of carbon) or a heavy duty (5.5 lbs. of carbon) odour control filter based on odour severity,  longevity required and the air moving equipment’s ability to overcome some added air flow resistance.

Fyner Cabinet & Assorted Filters

FYNER™ Cabinet & Assorted Filters

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