Eneready Products is very proud of the depth of expertise and knowledge in our company. Here is a brief introduction to just a few of our many talented people:

President and engineer. More...
Production manager at Eneready Products. Bill has decades of experience in mechanical systems production and is continually fine-tuning the details of design and production of Eneready’s broad range of proprietary products. Bill’s careful attention to detail shows in everything we build and sell.
we think of Yvonne as the heart of Eneready products. Yvonne is responsible for customer relations, marketing, costing and many other duties. Yvonne’s compassion and over two decades of expertise in ventilation and brings a tremendous depth to our company.
Eneready’s sheetmetal assembly leader. James is in charge of all of the sheetmetal and foam products produced by Eneready. His experience and desire for consistently high quality are instantly recognizable in every product we proudly put our label on.
Eneready’s electrical assembly leader. Donna’s conscientious attention to detail is legendary and forms a critically important part of the quality of our products. We’re proud of what we sell, and Donna’s diligent care makes a great deal of that pride possible.
Our Heat Recovery Core assembly leader. Jonathan is responsible for all of the heat recovery cores that form the heart of our flagship heat recovery ventilator systems. Every Eneready HRV customer breathes clean fresh air from the cores that Jonathan’s department builds. He’s proud of his team and their work - and that pride shows in the air you breathe!
Design Consultant. Don brings his many decades of mechanical systems design expertise to Eneready products in the ongoing design effort of new products and the optimization of current systems.
Project Engineer and our internet webmaster. Aaron is primarily concerned with product and technology development here at Eneready.