Odour in the Outdoor Air

Activated carbon is the most universally used adsorbent for air purification. Every pound has over 7,000,000 square feet of adsorptive surface area. When gases/odours pass over these activated pellets they attach themselves to the porous carbon structure. Wood smoke, agricultural odours and traffic odours are all effectively adsorbed. At the very low media velocities of a residential ventilation system, the odours have sufficient resident time within the 1” thick carbon cell to provide nearly 100% effectiveness. User feedback confirms this. We offer both a 1.3# carbon replaceable pad in a reusable frame, and heavy duty 5.5# of loose fill carbon in a perforated steel cell.

Re-Usable Frame for Carbon Pad

 Replaceable Carbon Pad 1.3#
(Close-up of pad)

Re-fillable perforated painted steel cell. This cell holds 5.5# of activated carbon bits. (Close-up of bits shown)

By comparison, respirable/lung damaging particles are huge at .3 to 10 microns/micrometers.

Odour molecules are so small they can not even be seen with an electron microscope. They are called gases. 

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