Select from a range of filters

Particle Filters capture tiny particles such as micron sized dust. The Chart above shows the size of various particles. Human hair is about 50 -100 microns(μ) in diameter. A 9μ particle is at the big end of the lung damaging size range and is only visible in favourable light.

Particle filters are often rated with a MERV* number: the higher the MERV, the better the removal efficiency. A filter's MERV number is the average of its efficiencies in capturing 12 different 0.3 - 10μ sized particles. The Chart shows the removal efficiencies of three MERV rated filters:

MERV 6 graphsymbol-circle.gif   MERV 8 graphsymbol-rect.gif   MERV 15 graphsymbol-star.gif

Determine the smallest particle you wish to capture and select the filter based on its removal efficiency at that size.

*ASHRAE Standard 52.2 "Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value"